The List of Competence Factors and the Components (Five factors and 24 components)
Teruchika Katsumata and Hirofumi Shinohara, Kumamoto University, Japan

 Ⅰ. Cognitive Competence (8)

a. Sensation & perception.:①sensation, ②perception
b. Verbal.:①verbal comprehension, ②verbal expression
c. Thinking. : ①judgment, ②decision, ③reasoning, ④problem solving, ⑤imagination, ⑥creativity
d. Attention. : ①concentrating attention, ②observation
e. Cognitive style. : ①concern (interest, curiosity), ②flexibility
f. Memory. : ①short-term memory, ②long-term memory
g. Learning. : ①learning ability, ②scholastic achievement
h. Planning. : ①planning ability

 Ⅱ. Physical Competence (5)

a. Physical form (appearance) : (①height, ②weight, ③the girth of the chest, ④features(looks)
b. Physiological function : ①internal organs, ②internal secretion, ③sexual maturity
c. Motor performance : ①general motor ability, ②motor fitness, ③physical fitness, ④strength and endurance of arm and shoulder girdle
d. Physical health : ①medical history, ②state of health
e. Physical action : ① (physical) expression, ②voice, ③posture, and ④motion (movement, action)

 Ⅲ. Social Competence (5)

a. Self-disclosure
b. Friendliness
c. Cooperation
d. Social interchange
e. Leadership

 Ⅳ. Survival competence (4) 

a. Volition : ①will; desire. ②subjectivity, ③challenging, ④achievement motivation
b. Diligence : ①effort, ②continuation
c. Self-control : ①time management; future time perspective, ②autonomy, ③sense of responsibility, ④perseverance, ⑤economic control
d. Task accomplishment : ①studies activities(attending school; studies), ② vocational activities(attendance; duties; labor)

 V. General Self-Esteem Competence (2) 

a. 3A of emotional stability : ①affection, ②acceptance, ③approval
b. Self-confidence : ①sense of competence, ②sense of efficacy

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